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Short Bio

I am an Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) at the department of Software & Information Systems Engineering (SISE) at Ben Gurion University where I'm heading the NLP and Social dynamics lab (NAS-LAB). My research mainly involves modeling and analysis of Social Network Dynamics based on various social signals ranging from language use to patterns of online activity. I use Random Graphs, Complex Networks Analysis, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in the context of social interaction. I'm interested in large scale-data driven modeling of the processes in which language is shaping and shaped-by social dynamics. In particular, I'm interested in modeling social coordination, influence and contagion in social networks and in the political domain.

Prospective students: email me if you are interested in what I do (browse around and also check out my (research statement) and looking for an advisor/lab/project. Support is available for excellent candidates.

I was a postdoc and a research fellow at Harvard's SEAS & IQSS jointly with the Lazer Lab at the Network Science Institute of Northeastern University.
In my graduate studies I was working with Prof. Ari Rappoport at the CS department in the Hebrew University, mainly on Content Analysis of Social Networks. I studied various aspects of user generated content, such as Amazon product reviews and Twitter tweets, trying to predict the helpfulness/quality of reviews, predict the popularity of memes and extract indirect emotions such as sarcasm to allow more accurate sentiment analysis.

I was also working on computational aspects of natural language semantics and its application to non-native speakers and on Language modelling of product reviews, books in particular.

Community service (for a full list check my CV):


In the industry I was working as a SW engineer at the Intel corp. Jerusalem, doing R&D in the ICGJ center, as a product manager at NST (a VoIP startup company), as a scientific intern at Yahoo! Research, and in the Machine Learning and Data Mining group at IBM research (I was working on that).

My 15 minutes of fame:
Our sarcasm detection algorithm was selected by Time Magazine as one of the
50 Best Inventions of 2010. (Here is pop sci talk [HEB])

Research interests

Keywords: {social networks, information diffusion, social contagion and influence, exponential random graph models (ERGM), computational linguistics, natural language processing, language evolution, language coordination, sentiment analysis, lexical semantics, language acquisition, indirect speech (acts), discourse modeling, pragmatics, information retrieval, data mining}

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Addresses Etc

Office: 206/96
If you want to see me, please email first to check my location.


Spring 2019: NLP and Social Dynamics;        Intoduction to Operating Systems
Fall 2018: Introduction to Natural Language Processing (372.2.5702)

Previous Years:
Introduction to Natural Language Processing (2017)
NLP and Social Dynamics (2017)


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