General Information
NameProf. Hanna Rapaport
DepartmentDepartment of Biotechnology Engineering
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Academic RankAssociate Professor
FunctionM.Sc committee - chairman, Department of Biotechnology Engineering

Journal Articles

[1] Vaiser Vladimir, Rapaport H., Compressibility and elasticity of amphiphilic and acidic ?-sheet peptides at the air-water interface, Journal of Physical Chemistry B., 115, 50-56, (2011).
[2] Zarzhitsky Shlomo, Rapaport H., Sustained Release of Doxorubicin from Peptide Hydrogels, J. Collid Int. Sci., 360, 525-531, (2011).
[3] Segman-Magidovich Shlomit, Lee M-r, Vaiser Vladimir, Struth Bernd, Gellman Samuel, Rapaport H., Sheet-Like Assemblies of Charged Amphiphilic alfa/beta-Peptides at the Air-Water Interface, Chemistry - A European Journal, In revision, (2011).
[4] Steiner Zvi, Rapaport H., Oren Yoram, Kasher Roni, Effect of Surface-Exposed Chemical Groups on Calcium-Phosphate Mineralization in Water-Treatment Systems, Environmental Science and Technology, 44, 7937-7943, (2010).
[5] Gertler Golan, Fleminger Gideon, Rapaport H., Characterizing the adsorption of peptides to TiO2 in aqueous solutions by liquid chromatography, Langmuir, 26, 6457-6436, (2010).
[6] Liebes Y., Drozdov M., Avital Y.Y., Kauffman Y., Rapaport H., Kaplan W.D., Ashkenasy N., Reconstructing solid state nanopore shape from electrical measurements, Appl. Phys. Lett., 97, 223105, (2010).
[7] Rubin Boris, Wagner Nathaniel, Rapaport H., Ashkenasy Gonen, Self Replicating Amphiphilic beta-Sheet Peptides, Angew. Chem, 48, 6683-6686, (2009).
[8] Philosof-Mazor Liron, Volinsky Roman, Jopp Jurgen, Blumberg Peter, Rapaport H., Marquez Victor, Jelinek Raz, Lipid-modulated pharmacophore nanorods assembled at the air/water interface, ChemPhysChem, 10, 2615-2619, (2009).
[9] Segman Shlomit, Lee Myung-ryul, Vaiser Vladimir, Gellman Samuel H., Rapaport H., Highly Stable Pleated-Sheet Secondary Structure in Assemblies ofAmphiphilic a/b-Peptides at the Air–Water Interface, Angew. Chem., 49, 716-719, (2009).
[10] Rapaport H., Grisaru Haviv, Silberstein Tova, Hydrogel formation by matrices of acidic beta-sheet peptides at neutral pH values, Advanced Functional Materials, 19, 2889-2896, (2008).
[11] Segman-magidovich Shlomit, Grisaru Haviv, Gitli Tamar, Levi-kalisman Yael, Rapaport H., Matrices of acidic beta-sheet peptides as templates for calcium phosphate mineralization, Advanced Materials, 20, 2156-2161, (2008).
[12] Rapaport H., Ordered peptide assemblies at interfaces, Supramolecular Chemistry, 18, 5, 445-454, (2006).
[13] Isenberg H., Kjaer K., Rapaport H., Elasticity of crystalline β-sheet monolayers, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128, 38, 12468 - 12472, (2006).
[14] Cavalli S., Popescu D., Tellers E., Vos Matthijn R. J., Pichon B., Overhand M., Rapaport H., Sommerdijk Nico A. J. M., Kros A., Self-organizing β-sheet lipopeptide monolayers as template for the mineralization of CaCO3, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 45, 5, 739 - 744, (2006).
[15] Cavalli S., Handgraaf J., Tellers E., Popescu D., Overhand M., Kjaer K., Vaiser V., Sommerdijk Nico A. J. M., Rapaport H., Kros A., Two-dimensional ordered β-sheet lipopeptide monolayers, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128, 42, 13959 - 13966, (2006).
[16] Solomonov I., Weygand M.J., Kjaer K., Rapaport H., Leiserowitz L., Trapping crystal nucleation of cholesterol monohydrate: Relevance to pathological crystallization, Biophysical Journal, 88, 3, 1809-1817, (2005).
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[18] Rapaport H., Moller G., Knobler C., Jensen T., Kjaer K., Leiserowitz L., Tirrell D., Assembly of triple-stranded β-sheet peptides at interfaces, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 124, 32, 9342 - 9343, (2002).
[19] Rapaport H., Kuzmenko I., Lafont S., Kjaer K., Howes P., Als-Nielsen J., Lahav M., Leiserowitz L., Cholesterol monohydrate nucleation in ultrathin films on water, Biophysical Journal, 81, 5, 2729-2736, (2001).
[20] Rapaport H., Tirrell D., Crystalline beta-sheet monolayers: A new class of ordered molecular templates. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 221, U384-U384, (2001).
[21] Kuzmenko I., Rapaport H., Kjaer K., Als-Nielsen J., Weissbuch I., Lahav M., Leiserowitz L., Design and characterization of crystalline thin film architectures at the air-liquid interface: Simplicity to complexity, Chemical Reviews, 101, 6, 1659 - 1696, (2001).
[22] Rapaport H., Kuzmenko I., Berfeld M., Kjaer K., Als-Nielsen J., Popovitz-Biro R., Weissbuch I., Lahav M., Leiserowitz L., From nucleation to engineering of crystalline architectures at air-liquid interfaces, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 104, 7, 1399-1428, (2000).
[23] Rapaport H., Kim H., Kjaer K., Howes P., Cohen S., Als-Nielsen J., Ghadiri M. Reza., Leiserowitz L., Lahav M., Crystalline cyclic peptide nanotubes at interfaces, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 121, 6, 1186-1191, (1999).
[24] Lafont S., Rapaport H., Somjen G., Renault A., Howes P., Kjaer K., Als-Nielsen J., Leiserowitz L., Lahav M., Monitoring the nucleation of crystalline films of cholesterol on water and in the presence of phospholipid, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 102, 5, 761-765, (1998).
[25] Rapaport H., Kuzmenko I., Kjaer K., Howes P., Bouwman W., Als-Nielsen J., Leiserowitz L., Lahav M., Structural characterization of valinomycin and nonactin at the air-solution interface by grazing incidence x-ray diffraction, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 119, 46, 11211-11216, (1997).

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Conference Proceedings

[1] Rapaport H., Amphiphilic beta-sheet peptide from structure to function, Gordon conference on Biology and Chemistry of Peptides, (2010).
[2] Rapaport H., Amphiphilic and Acidic -beta Sheet Peptide scaffolds; from Design to Bone-Tissue Engineering, TERMIS, (2010).
[3] Rapaport H., Designed acidic-rich peptide scaffolds for bone tissue engineering, ILANIT, (2008).
[4] Rapaport H., The 6th congress of Israel association for medicinal chemistry, Weizmann Inst. Israel. (2007).
[5] Rapaport H., Matrices of acidic rich peptides; From structure to functionName of meeting and place: Protein assembly in materials biology and medicine. Crete, Greece. (2007).

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