Type of Publication: Book in Series
Authors: Yigal Ronen,
Title: CRC handbook of nuclear reactors calculations. Vol. II
Year: 1986
Abstract: This handbook breaks down the complex field of nuclear reactor calculations into major steps. Each step presents a detailed analysis of the problems to be solved, the parameters involved, and the elaborate computer programs developed to perform the calculations. This book bridges the gap between nuclear reactor theory and the implementation of that theory, including the problems to be encountered and the level of confidence that should be given to the methods described. Volume II: Monte Carlo Calculations for Nuclear Reactors. In-Core Management of Four Reactor Types. In-Core Management in CANDU-PHW Reactors. Reactor Dynamics. The Theory of Neutron Leakage in Reactor Lattices. Index
Notes: Reactor Theory and Calculation ; E2100 ; Boco Raton, FL (USA). CRC Press, Inc. 1986. 592 p ; ISBN 0-8493-2926-4 ; Book ;
Keywords: document types; engineering; heavy water cooled reactors; heavy water moderated reactors; kinetics; power reactors; pressure tube reactors; reactor components; reactors; thermal reactors algorithms; candu type reactors; computer calculations; manuals; monte carlo method; neutron leakage; nuclear engineering; phwr type reactors; programming; reactor cores; reactor kinetics; reactor lattices; reactor physics
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