Type of Publication: Conference Proceedings
Authors: Asaf Shabtai, Yehuda Ben-Shimol,
Title: Per-packet Pricing Scheme for IP Networks
ConferenceName: 10th International Conference on Telecommunications, ICT’2003, 1494-1500, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia, February 23-March 1, 2003
Publication: 10th International Conference on Telecommunications. ICT'2003 (Cat. No.03EX628)
Year: 2003
Volume: vol.2
Pages: 1494 - 500

networks, in which the payment is collected on a per-packet basis in each router on the packet path. DiffSew protocol is used to carry the users' required services level. The proposed pricing scheme is analyzed by using network simulations for lour scenarios. The first illustrated that which is well known, that users) pay for a certain service level and might receive a lower service level from the network or service providers, especially when the network is congested. The secocd is the new pricing scheme in which users pay for the actual network service level he or she gets, that is, a lower price for reduced service level during the communication session. The third enhances our scheme such that each router changes its price for each senrice level with relation to its own congestion for the specific output port. The last further enhances our scheme by enabling the users to limit their expenses by enforcing a money limit in the packet's header. The comparison between the different simulation results suggests that the new pricing scheme increases both service provider revenue and the user's welfare.

Keywords: IP-pricing, 1P-billing, Differentiated Services (DifPjeN), Service Level Agreement (SLA), Quality of Service (QoS), ISP.
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