The Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook
A Complete Guide for Practitioners and Researchers

by Oded Maimon & Lior Rokach

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook organizes all major concepts, theories, methodologies, trends, challenges and applications of data mining (DM) and knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) into a coherent and unified repository.

This book first surveys, then provides comprehensive yet concise algorithmic descriptions of methods, including classic methods plus the extensions and novel methods developed recently. This volume concludes with in-depth descriptions of data mining applications in various interdisciplinary industries including finance, marketing, medicine, biology, engineering, telecommunications, software, and security.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook is designed for research scientists and graduate-level students in computer science and engineering. This book is also suitable for professionals in fields such as computing applications, information systems management, and strategic research management.


Part I Preprocessing methods Part II Supervised methods Part III Unsupervised methods Part IV Soft computing methods Part V Supporting methods Part VI Advanced methods Part VII Applications Part VIII Software

Readership: Research scientists, industry practitioners, advanced-level students