Software and Information Systems Engineering
Evaluating anomalies explanations using the ground truth
Improving text editing by integrating voice & gaze in multimodal interfaces
Impact of Surgeon and Hospital Procedural Volume on Outcomes after CABG
Multi AI Agents Simulation System
Pepper - Social Robot
SummarEyes - Text summarization based on eye movement
Systance - A stance detection framework
Cell Death Annotation Tool using Active Learning
Conflict-Free Multi-Agent Meeting
Tamporal Data Imputation
Identify new connections between miRNAs Using embedding techniques
Improving correction and text editing by integrating voice only
Automated machine learning (AutoML) using convolutional neural network (CNN)
Uncovering fundamental principles of muscle regeneration using quantitative live-cell imaging, and machine learning
Remote Motor Synchronization Project
The Velodrom - Analytical and visualize system for a cycling team
OpenCoVid : COVID-19 usecases powered by computer vision
Bounded Suboptimal Search In Multiplayer Game Trees
Meta Aggregator for Group Decision-Making Cases
Twixper: Twitter Experimentation Platform
A Framework for Privacy Preserving Cloud-based ML
Defining Evading Policy for Pursuit-Evasion Problems
Pseudomonas AeruginoSite - Web platform for exploration of bacterial defense systems
Identification bug inducing commits
Boosting Anomaly Detection Using Unsupervised Diverse Test-Time Augmentations
KarmaLegoWeb Time Interval Mining System
Bidi Research Platform
Prediction of Multiple Sclerosis Prognosis
Developing interactive technology for remote Interpersonal Motor Synchronization
ModaMedic V2 - Patient information data extraction and analysis system in collaboration with the Orthopedic Department - Soroka Medical Center
Evaluation system for ML based predictions' explanations
RepFeed: A representative social media feed
Recommendation System For OCL Constraints
Predicting the Success of Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Predicting the success of marketing campaigns in social media
Monitoring and Forecasting Changes in Online Feature Selection
A tool for interactive visualization and analysis of biological data
CRM-CMS Real Estate
Media Slant: monitor and measure biases in different media outlets
Robo Advisor
Leveraging text summarization accessibility using different visualizations
CAPI - Emotion Prediction
time series pattern discovery of electrical consumption data
Zero Shot Super Resoultion for microscopic images
Beautiful Images
Evaluating the Robustness of AI Fraud Detection Systems
Micro-architectural hardware fingerprinting
Targeting organelle-organelle organization via microscopy-based high-content phenotypic screening and generative neural networks
Robustness of DRL models against adversarial attacks.
Using Genetic Programming to Evolve Behavioral Programming Source Code
Learning Centrality Measures on Graphs
Risk-Oriented Resource Allocation in Swarm Robotics
Predicting Protest by social media
Interpretable Context-Aware Recommender Systems Utilizing Evolutionary Algorithms
Behavior analysis of healthcare professionals in social media during the Coronavirus pandemic using machine learning
Time Series Anomaly Detection using Capsule Network
Classification of Tabular Data using CNN
Searching for Class Models
Cyber Threat Reports TTPs Extraction
Adapting Machine Learning Models to Dynamic Environments Using Shadow Models
How Polynomial Regression Improves DeNATing
Network Anomaly Detection via Temporal Data Analytics
Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Cost-Effective Solutions
Episodic application of clinical GL-based DSS
Two Ways of Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Time Interval-Related Patterns Clustering
CyberSeq: Real-Time Cyber-Attacks on Next-Generation Sequencing Devices and practical Defenses